Random numbers service

A Random Number service is provided, with the gsl Random Number Generator encapsulated in a singleton object (an instantiation of the Rand class).

The Rand class member variables are private, and public functions have been created for random number functionality required by the code.

The Rand service can be accessed by referring to the Rand::Instance() object. For example, to generate a uniform random floating point number in the range [0, 1), call the Rand::Random() function:

double u = Rand::Instance()→Random();

Since that could become unwieldy, there is a convenience macro to access the Rand service. The macro just defines "RAND" as "Rand::Instance()", so calling the Rand::Random() function can be written as:

double u = RAND→Random();

The Rand service must be initialised before use. Initialise the Rand service by calling the Rand::Initialise() function:


Dynamically allocated memory associated with the gsl random number generator should be returned to the system by calling the Rand::Free() function:


before exiting the program.

The Rand service provides the following public member functions: