COMPAS code repository

The public COMPAS code resides in a GitHub1 repository. You will need access to GitHub, and the git version control system installed.

If you do not have git installed, visit Install Git and follow the instructions there.

Getting your first copy of the COMPAS source code

While you don't need a GitHub account to read the COMPAS GitHub repository, you will need an account to push your code changes to the repository. If you plan to contribute to the COMPAS code base, you will need to create a GitHub account.

To Fork or Not to Fork?

You can clone the COMPAS repository directly, or first create a fork of the repository and clone the fork.

Forking a GitHub repository creates a copy of the repository on GitHub, in your account. The original repository, and the fork created, are linked on GitHub.

Cloning a repository creates a copy of the repository on your local system.

See The difference between forking and cloning a repository to learn more about the pros and cons of forking a GitHub repository.

If you choose to fork the COMPAS repository, use the “fork” button at the top right of the GitHub repository page.

Creating a clone of the GitHub repository

Whether you forked the COMPAS repository or chose to work directly with the repository, you will need to clone (copy) the repository to your local system.

First, change to the directory on your local system within which you wish to store your local copy of the COMPAS source code (throughout this documentation we use the example directory ~/codes):

cd ~/codes

If you have configured your GitHub account for SSH, you can clone with:

git clone

If you have not yet configured your GitHub account with SSH, you can clone over HTTPS:

git clone

(Subsititute your GitHub username for "USERNAME", and the GitHub repository name for "REPONAME" ("COMPAS" if you did not create a fork))

At the completion of the command you will have a copy (clone) of the COMPAS GitHub repository in the ~/codes directory on your local system.

You can also use the green "Code" dropdown on the GitHub repository page to clone the repository.

Setting your username and email address

Before you can push changes, you must ensure that your name and email address are set:

cd ~/codes
git config --global "Fred Nurk"
git config --global "fred.nurk@aplace.adomain"

You should now be ready to start using COMPAS!