If you use this code or parts of this code for results presented in a scientific publication, we would greatly appreciate you sending us your paper reference and making your input settings and output data publicly available by uploading it to the COMPAS Zenodo community.

Please also cite:

Team COMPAS: J. Riley et al. [2022].      Bibtex citation

We would also greatly appreciate an acknowledgement of the form:

"Simulations in this paper made use of the COMPAS rapid binary population synthesis code (version x.y.z), which is freely available at"


If using the COMPAS model of gravitational wave selection effects, please cite Barrett et al. [2018].

If you use COMPAS's importance sampling algorithm STROOPWAFEL, please cite Broekgaarden et al. [2019].

If using COMPAS's integration over cosmic star formation history, please cite Neijssel et al. [2019].

If using the COMPAS model of (pulsational) pair instability supernova, please cite Stevenson et al. [2019].

If evolving pulsar spins and magnetic fields with COMPAS, please cite Chattopadhyay et al. [2020].

If you use the COMPAS model of chemically homogeneous evolution, please cite Riley et al. [2021].