Logging macrosΒΆ

The logging macros provided by the logging service are:

The logging macros described above are also provided in a verbose variant. The verbose macros function the same way as their non-verbose counterparts, with the added functionality that the log records written to the log file will also be written to stdout. The verbose logging macros are:

LOGV(id, ...)
LOGV_ID(id, ...)
LOGV_IF(id, cond, ...)
LOGV_ID_IF(id, cond, ...)

A further four macros are provided that allow writing directly to stdout rather than a log file. These are:

SAY( ...)
SAY_ID( ...)
SAY_IF(cond, ...)
SAY_ID IF(cond, ...)

The SAY macros function the same way as their LOG counterparts, but write directly to stdout instead of a log file. The SAY macros honour the logging classes and level.