Program optionsΒΆ

COMPAS provides a rich set of configuration parameters via program options, allowing users to vary many parameters that affect the evolution of single and binary stars, and the composition of the population of stars being evolved. Furthermore, COMPAS allows some parameters to be specified as ranges, or sets, of values via the program options, allowing users to specify a grid of parameter values on the command line.

Combining command-line program options ranges and sets with a grid file allows users more flexibility and the ability to specify more complex combinations of parameter values.

Not all program options can be specified as ranges or sets of values. Options for which mixing different values in a single execution of COMPAS would either not be meaningful, or might cause undesirable results, such as options that specify the mode of evolution (e.g. --mode), or the name or path of output files (e.g. --output-path, --logfile-detailed-output etc.), cannot be specified as a range or set of values. COMPAS will issue an error message if ranges or sets are specified for options for which they are not supported.

See Program option list and default values for a full list of available program options and their default valaues.